3rd Grade

Spanish at St. Mary

Our program supports academic preparation for success in the primary grades and middle school while upholding Catholic values. The focus of each class is on developing grammar skills: building vocabulary through singing, speaking, reading and writing.  The activities in every unit of study provide ample opportunities for learning new vocabulary in different formats, and role-playing real-life situations. Another component of this program is the exploration of Latin American cultures through stories, music, dance, food and games.

Starting in 3rd Grade, student use Viva el Español System A.  Student in 3rd continue working on their home, family, counting, adding, subtraction, food, the verb gustar (I like), school, animals, describing your family, places around your neighborhood and your community.  Students continue to work on websites such as, Quizlet, Rockalingua, Kahoot, and Study Spanish.com to develop their learning.