4th Grade

4rd Grade will be working on Quizlet:

On your internet look up Quizlet then once you get on Quizlet click the search button and type in LamaestraHernandez.  Make sure that the tab for study sets is highlighted and scroll down to the lesson for 3rd grade.  First start from left to right; LEARN, FLASHCARDS, WRITE, SPELL, TEST, MATCH and then GRAVITY.  This is a great tool to assist students with learning vocabulary and spelling.  Students will also take a test for each lesson through Quizlet.  Please encourage your child to study 15 min. twice a week.

Restaurant Menu Project.

We are working on this in class.  If a student is absent or they did not complete classwork, then they may do it at home.  Please make sure to stay on the assigned Task and not to work ahead.  Gracias
Mrs. Sonia Hernandez,
Feb 22, 2018, 9:55 AM